Those lucky enough to stay at Poggio Cavallo in the low season between September and October have the opportunity of attending a plethora of events celebrating the harvest around Grosseto, Scansano, Pitigliano, Magliano, Cinigiano. The scents from wine cellars seep through door crevices into the tufa stone alleys of local villages. Wine vats and barrels are emptied to make room for the new vintage. Piles of fragrant purple must are found on the edges of vineyards and in the fields.

Here are the main evening events near Poggio Cavallo...

Scansano: Grape festival, last Sunday in September.

10,11 e 16, 17, 18 september 2022.


Distance from Poggiocavallo: 23 Km, 25 minutes

The best festival for wine tasting, with dozens of local companies and excellent labels. Buy a glass at the entrance (5 euros) and taste as much wine as you want at the discretion of the elegant sommeliers scattered around the various wineries, who will gladly tell you about the history and characteristics of the wines. At the entrance of the village, the friendly owner of a local food shop will offer you a tasting of some wonderful cheeses and you don’t even have to make a purchase. The centre of the village will be cordoned off and you can park on the road bends outside town.

Cinigiano: Grape festival, first days of October.

Friday september 29 to Sunday october 1

Distance from Poggiocavallo: 29 Km, 30 minutes

The wine festival with the most youthful vibe there is. Gigs in at least 4 town squares, heavy rock and retro-beatnik music. Street bands with itinerant orchestras with energetic jazz-swing music are always present. Lots of stalls. Wineries and taverns with improvised menus packed with traditional local dishes and staple food in interiors that feel like you’re eating at a private home. Young people queuing up to buy wine bottles. There's no shortage of wine at this festival, so don’t just taste wine, drink it! Wine is also available to buy in the traditional Italian wine bottle in the straw basket – the fiasco – in 1.5 and 2-litre sizes. Available labels include "Festa dell'uva di Cinigiano", novello, Parmoleto and Montecucco. 1 euro per glass. Wine sales stop at midnight, gigs end at 1:30 a.m.

Pitigliano: Open Winery Festival, first ten days of September.

Distance from Poggiocavallo: 65 Km, 1 hour and 5 minutes

This is the tufa stone village, a gorgeous setting where wineries probably outnumber private homes. The entire block of tufa rock the village was built on is pierced by caves and cellars, and packed with cheese and wine left to season. During the festival, the alleys are teeming with people, you can also eat at the tables laid along the streets. Music and braziers all over the village. The small square at the end of the village is where young people hang out. Be sure to taste the cheese seasoned in tufa stone.

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